UCAS Personal Statement Writing Guidelines

You are writing a personal statement UCAS asks from you because you want the universities to find out more about you and your suitability for the course or courses you are applying for. To help universities know you more than what you can write in the application form is the purpose of the statement.

  • Demonstration – Here, you are given the freedom to do write about what you want and what you believe will enhance your chances of being chosen for the few slots in the coming school year. You can write about your goals, experiences, skills, qualities and qualifications in the best way that you can. However, let us not forget that this is also a venue in which your writing ability will be observed.
  • Elements – There are specific useful elements which you can include in the personal statement UCAS will receive from you. They include, among others, your aspirations, skills and qualities, experiences which are relevant, hobbies and extra-curricular interests. In writing about your aspirations or goals, you can point out which part of your long-term career plans does your choice of course fall into. Discuss how your course will help you achieve your goals. If your course of choice is broad-based, you can explain how it will keep your career options open.
  • Qualifications – Specific examples of skills and qualities you can include in your personal statement UCAS member schools will receive from you are written and oral communication skills, listening skills, ability to work in a team, skills in time management and skills in information and communication technology. You can also demonstrate and discuss your study and interpersonal skills. You can show the qualities of being enthusiastic and determined which are the most important ones for university studies and life. Initiative and confidence are also plus factors.
  • Experience – Work and general experiences are also worth mentioning. You can include stints at jobs, volunteer work experience which may be based in school or outside and more general school experiences like buddying and yearbook activities, among many. These guidelines can be big personal statement help for you.

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